Square and Round Dance Club

Celebrating 60 years: July 1963 - July 2023

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Learn about Dancing
You2CanDance - Square, Round, and Contra dancing
An Online Guide to Square Dancing - has lots of links; suggested by Kylie, an elementary school student
Taminations - Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club animated square dance calls; get the mobile app
Video Square Dance Lessons - Videos of live dancers doing each call

Find Clubs and Dances
Local New-Dancer Dances - SE PA, southern NJ, and northern DE dances for brand new dancers
Federation of Delaware Valley Square & Round Dancers - SE PA, southern NJ, and northern DE clubs and calendar
Pennsylvania Square & Round Dance Federation - the state convention
National Square Dance Convention - the national convention
Where's The Dance directory - find a dance almost anywhere
National Square Dance Campers Association - camp and dance

Other Square Dance-related Links - find almost anything square/round dance oriented
CALLERLAB - resources for callers and square dancers (see Dance Programs for call definitions)
ROUNDALAB - resources for cuers and round dancers